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Smart Moulds

Smart Moulds

Together with a leading suitcase producer, we developed a profile. Weight and design were the challenges that we faced. The right materials in combination with smart moulds and the production process ensure that our case producer gives its cases the ultimate design. Extruding materials in bright colours - including metallic! – is the solution. Combining several colours or materials in one profile creates trendy looks, allowing customers and designers to realise the latest type trends. As if that wasn’t enough, this clever way of using materials saves on fuel costs. This smart profile design is also available as co- and tri-extrusion. Curious? View case

A smart production process combined with an intelligent product and mold design gives our customer ultimate design options.

Curious? View case

/02 Case Hoover

Smart Punching to save Production Costs

Guaranteed quality

Smart Punching

By combining the right hard and soft materials Meldon produces profiles that improve end-product performance for our customers. Leading hoover manufacturers thus remain at the top of consumer test lists. Intelligent integration of die-cutting techniques in the extrusion process saves production costs and guarantees optimum quality. More cases

Smart integration of punching techniques in the extrusion process saves on production costs and guarantees optimum quality.

/03 case Bosch

Error-Free Extrusion Profiles

Smart die-cutting techniques

Smart die-cutting techniques

Meldon guarantees flawless extrusion profiles for the automotive industry. For this leading customer we produce accurate, toleranced profiles where automotive quality is demanded and delivered. Dedicated production lines with inline geometry and surface measurements. This smart way of working eliminates faulty or suspect products from the process. In this way, we guarantee zero-defects. Smart stamping techniques and inline lasering make it possible to produce even the most modern spoilers. More cases

Dedicated production lines with inline geometry and surface measurements ensure error-free extrusion profiles for the automotive industry.

We are Meldon Extrusion Intelligence

The design. Recipe composition. The first prototype: every step we take, we take with the utmost care. That is because – with you – we want to take the end product as far as it will go. And that’s why we always take on all challenges. Is a new production line needed urgently? We’ll get it done. You, our customer, can rely on our experience. We’ll keep experimenting, innovating and perfectioning until we have exactly the right fit. We’re only happy when you have achieved your ultimate goals. We like to be involved at an early stage, so we can be an actual part of your development process.

Maurits Basten Sr. Account Manager Meldon

Co-creation, flexible partnerships, and expertise in extrusion

We always consider every challenge in a wider context, because all the elements should form a logical whole. By adding intelligence to the right places, we ensure that the end product perfectly matches your strategic goal. And that is what your end customers appreciate.

Discussion partner at all levels

That all the elements for the right final product should form one whole is obvious. But so is cooperation. Meldon works in a multidisciplinary way. This means everyone specialises in a different field and together we are one team. This makes us your partner at all levels!


Are you at the start of the development phase of a new product? Let Meldon think along! By being involved at an early stage, we help achieve the best end result as a strategic partner.

And trustworthy

Not only did we set up a new production line in no time. Production at Meldon runs 24-7! We have our own PVC compounding and granulation plant, measuring room, tool shop and technical service. This means that we can guarantee maximum delivery reliability and quality.


Slatted covers for pools, seal profiles, white-goods parts, profiles in awnings, mount profiles, glass profiles, decorative profiles, protection strips for your baggage, windshield-wiper spoilers, and much, much more. Here at Meldon, we don’t merely create plastic parts. We are only satisfied with the absolute best, most durable quality. We can only achieve that quality by working very closely with our customers, ranging from product developers, engineers, to technical draftsmen – and every profession in between. In any industry.

We have had the honor to work for customers such as Samsonite, Bosch, Siemens, Vorwerk, VanderLande, and Hunter Douglas, to name a few. And we can’t wait to discuss your ideas too!

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